On March 6th my alarm woke me up at 4:30am for another days work. I forced myself out of bed questioning myself why do I model? Why do I put myself through this? IT’S 4:30! Nobody should have to be put through this torture! Once I had a cup of caffeine, though, my grumpiness turned into excitement. I was on my way to shoot for Wonderland magazine. However I was travelling from Manchester to The Loft Studios in London, which took nearly 4 hours. That journey has put my off commuting in the early hours of the morning for life.

I arrived at the studios at about 8:45, sat down for a few minutes with another cup of coffee, then it was into hair and make-up. The hair was how I would love to wear mine every day, very grungy with a wet look, pinned up in sections. I’m no hair dresser so that’s the best I can describe it! Every item of clothing was Vivienne Westwood as this editorial was a designer spotlight shoot. It’s at times like these I wish models actually did get freebies! Continue reading



My whole life I have never really travelled as my family holidays in the summer were always Wales or Scotland, (I’m not complaining, I love Wales and Scotland). I went to Disneyland Florida when I was 8, but the only thing I really remember was the Tower of Terror nearly killing me. I also went to Kefalonia for my 18th birthday last summer, which was the first culture change I had ever really experienced. Anyway, in January 2012 I was told I would be flying out to Morocco for 4 days to shoot for the Telegraph. I remember calling my parents screaming down the phone “I’M GOING TO AFRICAAAAA!” My dad had to send my passport to my agency first class delivery that night.

I was picked up on the 26th at 5:30am by the whole team, and I was  ridiculously excited. I was finally going places! The plane journey was only three and a half hours which really surprised me. You can fly from London to Africa in under four hours. Crazy. When we arrived we drove through Marrakech , everywhere I looked there were camels and palm trees. I kept on begging everyone to do part of the shoot on a camel, which we did! Pictures are just below 😉

We stayed in a Sofitel hotel in Essaouira, which I think is the first 5* hotel I have ever stayed in. There was a Moroccan man with a cool beard who greeted us in the lobby with mint tea and what tasted like banana fritters on arrival. I could not stop giggling, it was all so surreal. At this point I realised how lucky I was, and I appreciated every single moment. Here’s some quick phone pictures of the view from my room, the hotel garden, the lobby (with tea man in the corner), me loving life on my camel, and the best slippers I have ever purchased.

We spent the next two days shooting for about twelve hours each day. We did a million looks and the clothes were so lovely. After the shoot I was converted into a Sunspel lover, believe me, the best cotton t-shirts you will ever wear.

We ate out for lunch and dinner everyday, where fish had invaded the menus. The waiters would actually laugh when you said you didn’t like fish! I really should of expected this seeing as we were staying in a sea-port village. However, we did find the best restaurant tucked away in a side street which did the most delicious juicy steak I have ever tasted in my life. I would fly all the way back to Morocco just to eat that steak again. Seriously.

Here’s some of the final shots that were published in the fashion supplement on the 10th March!