The time I dressed up in Chanel all day

Friday 18th May 2012 I awoke at 4am for another early morning commute to London to shoot a Chanel spotlight editorial for Laha magazine in Dubai. I arrived at the studio at 8:30am and sat down imagining it was my brand new apartment and started decorating it in my head. Just look how amazing this would be for an apartment! (The bedroom is up the stairs on the left)

After a couple cups of coffee it was into hair and makeup where I was transformed from a tired northern teenager into a Chanel woman. Daaaarling I felt divine! So, when I finally emerged after 2 or so hours, the studio was all set up ready to shoot!

Of course I never write a blog post without details of the food of the day – and it was delicious. The pictures speak louder than words!

I was really surprised that we actually finished the shoot on time! 9/10 times on a shoot it goes over schedule. It’s just how the fashion industry is! The team I was working with were very lovely and professional and had everything planned out so we were out on time. At 6pm I was skipping along to the train station heading back to Manchester! My favourite type of shoots 🙂

Anyway, onto the pictures! I really love the lighting and simple posing. And the Chanel. Of course.
If you’re in Dubai you can pick up a copy now!