Lavish Alice

I have been modelling for Lavish Alice since the beginning of time. Well, since they launched about three years ago. I’m always excited when they ask me to shoot because I know it will be amazing. I thought I’d take you all on a magical journey down the rabbit hole and show you what we’ve been getting up to all these years!

I was 16, slumped over a computer in my 6th form workroom, staring blankly at the screen ‘working’ when I got an email from Lee who pitched me this brand asking me to model. I sat up straight immediately interested thinking, “why the hell am I writing an essay about a pointless linguist theory when I could be Alice in Wonderland?”

Soon enough I was shooting in some woods, which is without a doubt the coldest shoot I have ever done. Note everyone is wearing massive duffle/fur coats, gloves, ear muffs and I’m in a chiffon shirt. Yeah.

The final images for the first Lavish Alice campaign shot by James Melia:


The next campaign we did is hands down one of the best modelling experiences I have ever had. We did a fashion video, collaborating with Mob Films, which was Alice falling down the rabbit hole. This was basically me jumping on a massive trampoline for 10 hours straight. The best workout I have ever had. But believe me, it is quite a challenge to look elegant whilst jumping for that length of time.
It was all worth it for over 50 thousand views!


The following campaign was shot in The Midland hotel in Manchester and was a lot of fun, I am still thankful to this day I did not slip on the marble table in killer high heels and break my neck.


In Look magazine:


After this shoot my ginger hair was lost forever, and it was all brunette from then on! Photos by Matthew Stansfield!

The Christmas campaign launched a week ago, which prompted me to write this post. It was set in a boudoir bedroom hotel, which made me have to reassure my parents we were actually shooting clothing! You can see some of them now on

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I just had to include the last one because the photo-bomb has me in stitches every time.

Lavish Alice is run by some of the loveliest people I have ever met in this industry and they deserve every success. Everyone now please go check out and drool over all the velvet and sparkles to get in the festive mood. I hope you all get what you want for Christmas and look out for my next Wonderland adventure!