Jeffrey Campbell

One sunny afternoon I was sat with a vodka cranberry soaking up the (rare) sunshine in the northern quarter when my friend Matt casually said “we’re shooting for Jeffrey Campbell next month. You up for it?”. Yes. Yes. YES. YESSSSS I AM. Was my reaction. The thought of modelling for my favourite shoe designer felt like a dream. Also the free shoes gave me a mini heart attack.

A month later we were all on set, a huge team of amazing people. Instead of me rambling on, you’ll get a much clearer idea by watching the behind the scenes video:

Here are a few behind the scenes photos as well:

The final shots:

And of course, My beautiful babies.

The lunch at Jamie Oliver was pretty special too. I would of taken a snap, but it was all devoured so quickly!

You should all check out and

Model: Sophie Bailey @ Boss Model Management
Photographer: COMER
MUA: Krystle Ann Clayton-mua
Stylist: Ana Ferreira

Production: Lavinia-May Anders
Manager: Lee Barber.
Crew: Josh Woods & Adam Mugridge