Please Don’t Feed The Models

I saw a T-shirt when I was 15 or 16 with the phrase “Please Don’t Feed The Models”¬†em blazed¬†across it. I thought it was pretty funny and kinda wanted one just so I could binge on fast food and laugh hysterically in it. Unfortunately, I never got round to doing it.

This blog post is just about my own experiences I have encountered about my size/weight in the industry and how I dealt with them. Whilst I was still doing my A-levels, I sent some photos to a couple agencies just to see how far I could get and hopefully take it further once I left school. I sent one email to a very established agency in New York and within an hour a very camp american man rang me. I don’t remember the conversation word for word but it went something like this: Continue reading


Hunger TV

I mentioned previously that the editorial for Hunger Magazine also included a fashion film which came out recently. I always enjoy doing fashion films as it gives me a chance to act. I know I’m a terrible actress, I learnt that in high school, but just to be filming is on a different level to having photos taken. It’s a rush of adrenaline and out of my comfort zone of the click of a camera – which I love.

Anyway here’s the video on the Hunger TV website –

Youtube –