On March 6th my alarm woke me up at 4:30am for another days work. I forced myself out of bed questioning myself why do I model? Why do I put myself through this? IT’S 4:30! Nobody should have to be put through this torture! Once I had a cup of caffeine, though, my grumpiness turned into excitement. I was on my way to shoot for Wonderland magazine. However I was travelling from Manchester to The Loft Studios in London, which took nearly 4 hours. That journey has put my off commuting in the early hours of the morning for life.

I arrived at the studios at about 8:45, sat down for a few minutes with another cup of coffee, then it was into hair and make-up. The hair was how I would love to wear mine every day, very grungy with a wet look, pinned up in sections. I’m no hair dresser so that’s the best I can describe it! Every item of clothing was Vivienne Westwood as this editorial was a designer spotlight shoot. It’s at times like these I wish models actually did get freebies!

There were 5 models all together in the shoot, which is always fun to work in a group. It’s also nice to have people to talk to whilst you are waiting for lighting and outfit changes which can take hours. We were shooting for around 9 hours, but I didn’t mind because we had pizza. Yes, that’s right, they fed us pizza! I always love shoots where they realise we are humans who eat food! Unlike another 10 hour shoot I did where my ‘lunch’ was a pack of grapes! Ever since that horrific experience I keep a constant supply of chocolate and cereal bars in my bag. If you’re ever peckish, you know who to come to.

The magazine came out this month, and is still available to buy so go grab your copy now! It has Dakota Fanning on the front with a rat in her hair, you can’t miss it.

P.s I apologise for the terrible quality of these photos, I had to scan them on a machine which doesn’t even deserve the name ‘scanner’. Resulting in me punching it several times, resembling Zoolander attempting to work a computer.

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