London Fashion Week A/W12

On Monday 13th February 2012, I began castings for London Fashion Week. I had a vague idea of what to expect, but nothing can prepare you for fashion week until you have done it. On Monday I had 11 castings, and each day closer to LFW the number would rise. By Thursday 16th I had 20 castings in one day! But even during fashion week between the 17th – 22nd, there were still castings and fittings in between the shows, so it became even more hectic.

My agency, Next Models, even gave me a fashion week survival bag with the phrase “Speak To My Agent” imprinted in bold colourful letters. It was full of useful things to get me through the week such as cereal bars, little cans of deodorant and dry shampoo, concealer for the bags under your eyes from being so tired, cleansing wipes, and a handful of other little things. It really was a little life saver when you had to look presentable and refreshed to clients on hardly any sleep!

So, after doing a million castings, running back and forth across London spending at least 8 hours a day on the tube, fashion week finally began on the Friday 17th. By this time my feet were covered in blisters and I had done something to my hip so it hurt every time I took a stride. I had also picked up tonsillitis so every time I swallowed it felt like knives stabbing my throat. Perfect timing! I was so eager to do LFW I just powered through it all. Luckily I was only doing London this time to see how I would do. God knows how girls do it for a month straight going to New York, London, Milan and Paris.

I booked two shows for Friday 17th, the first being for Corrie Nielsen. The collection was full of plaid and it all had a very Scottish feeling to it. The make-up was so cool, with face lace going across half my face. There is no feeling like stepping out onto the first runway of fashion week, the adrenaline in unbelievable. Below are some behind the scenes pictures and a shot of me on the catwalk.

The Second show of the day was for Emilia Wickstead which I was lucky enough to open for! I was very excited doing this show as I fell in love with the whole collection. Most of the shows take place in Somerset House which is easy to find, whereas other shows which want a more unique feel and atmosphere use locations around London such as this show.

The next show I did was for Thomas Tait. This show took place in an empty warehouse in East London and it was very difficult to find! But I got there on time so it was all good. The warehouse was FREEZING. I could see my breath in front of me as I strutted on the runway. The setting was against a brick wall with grass as the runway. The boots I was wearing had a slight heel, but it was still quite difficult balancing on the bumpy grass. I wobbled a bit, but no falls! The two outfits I wore featured a lot of green velvet. I loved the collection. I love velvet.

The next day I modelled for the Sophie Hulme A/W collection. The clothes were exactly what I would wear. The dress that was designated to me had dinosaur lace! That’s right – lace in the shape of dinosaurs!

The next show I did was for Fashion East for Maarten Van Der Horst. The show took place in the Topshop Show Space, which is the longest runway I have ever seen! I felt like I was walking for at least 10 minutes! The collection was lovely, and showed off my legs quite a lot. The designer also gave me liquorice so he’s immediately one of my favourites.

Last but not least, I had the pleasure to walk for Holly Fulton. I did this show with one of my fellow flat mates, Cleo, which was a nice surprise. I had so much fun on this show, probably because I knew it was my last one so I made the most of it! I also did a few interviews after the show, where I made a fool of myself, one of which was accidentally cursing on live TV.
The designer Holly was so kind to us models and gave us all a piece of jewellery after the show.  Here are some behind the scenes photos and the shots from the runway. It was a great fashion week to begin with and I can’t wait for S/S13 in September!

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